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Domestic Vegetable Gardening

Professionally built vegetable beds made with quality materials, and filled with the best locally sourced soil conditioners and organic matter, ready for you to start growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Choose from our 3-tiered service plan:

  1. Standard Plot: Bespoke raised beds, filled with soil and compost ready for you and your family to start planting (This service is suitable for moderate to experienced gardeners.)
  2. Starter Plot: Bespoke raised beds, filled with soil, freshly sewn seeds, young plants, bean supports and all fully labelled, to give you a flying start (This service is suitable for moderate to novice gardeners)
  3. Premium Victory Gardens Plot: Bespoke raised beds, filled with soil and compost. The premium plot feaures regular maintenance, to ensure crops are performing to there full potential, and you are getting the maximum yield. (This is a great service for gardening novices or for those with hectic lifestyles, but still want that 'home grown' quality and satisfaction.)

If you have limited space or a problematic garden don't worry, there are many other options.Why not give us a ring to find out more.

Our raised beds can be modified for different age groups, and abilities.

Once your beds are established, you will find huge saving on your grocery bills. All you have to do is decide what you want to grow each year.


  • Your children will love growing food for the family. They will enter another world of colour, and creepy crawlies, and begin to develop an interest in the natural world which will last a lifetime. They may even eat the produce they have grown!
  • Food miles are turned into food metres, and your carbon footprint will be reduced.
  • Freshly picked food has a much higher nutrient content.
  • Food tastes much nicer.
  • You won't have to dispose of un-neccessary food packaging.
  • You are in complete control as to how to grow your produce, with the oppurtunity to go completely organic.
  • No use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides.


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